Get ready for all the madness for the much anticipated and much loved Cricket World Cup 2019 is round the corner. Commencing on May 30, 2019, the World Cup 2019 will be hosted in England and Wales this time around.

this would be 12th edition of the World Cup and will wrap up with the finale match on July 14, 2019.

The cricket world cup extravaganza is returning to England after a whole 20 years, the last cup being held there in 1999.

The world cup for cricket was first incepted in 1975 and since then it has been organised every four years with some evolution adding up to it in its new edition always. This World Cup too will witness some concrete changes in the format.


The Big Differences

Only 10 Competing Teams

As opposed to the previous world cups, the ICCI has heavily pruned on the contesting teams with only 10 making it to the tournament as opposed to the standard 14. This has attracted a lot of flak with many blaming the council to be biased while others terming it short-sightedness on their part.





This has set the competition a notch higher for the participating countries but many are looking at it as a decrease in the popularity quotient of the sports in the associated nations in all these years.


No Grouping

Unlike all the previous editions, this time the teams would not be divided into groups. Instead, each team will have to play every participating team of the tournament- this type of arrangement known as the Round Robin set up. The last time a similar arrangement was followed was in the 1992 world Cup in Australia.

It will take a total of 45 matches for every team to be pitted against another after which they will be ranked into top 4 basis their net rate and their win percentage and will qualify for the semi-finals. The first and the fourth team will play one another while the 2nd and the 3rd team will play each other.

The winners of the semi-finals will then fight the ultimate battle to the World Cup 2019.





Extensive Coverage of World Cup 2019

For the first time ever, this world cup will be covered widespread with a live coverage of all the 48 matches by the ICC TV. In fact the run up to the world Cup matches, the 10 warm up matches too are all to be broadcasted by the ICC.

A 360 degree replay analysis will be conducted by graphic system named Piero and there be a total of 32 cameras for every match’s coverage- these would include eight Hawk-Eye cameras and Spidercams. In fact there will be a special buggy camera to capture all the ground proceedings.



Track Me!!

The individual Cricket boards of all the participating teams have come up with special vests that have tracking devices on them that are worn by their players during practice sessions. These tracking vests will keep a tab on each player’s fitness and analyse the performance based upon various parameters. In fact the BCCI has tied up with a sports tech company for this facility that has a clientele of the likes of Liverpool, Barcelona, Manchester United.


The BCCI has also anticipated a power packed world cup innings so much so that it has made special arrangements to accommodate more runs in the fans scorecards.


The Fanatic Indian Fans

Let us admit, for us Indians, cricket is not a mere sport, people here swear by it, they worship it and for the days the World cup is On, their lives revolve around it. Every match that India plays has us Indians watching with bated breath. And when it comes to a match between India and Pakistan, the patriotic fervour inside each one of us is unparalleled. In fact, the clamour for tickets for the India vs Pakistan match on June 16 has reached a crescendo with more than 400,000 seekers for the 25,000 seater stadium in Manchester.





We all have high hopes and utmost belief in our team. There is not an ounce of doubt in the competency and efficiency of our players led by the Captain Virat Kohli. It’s time the Indian Team lifted the coveted world Cup yet again to win the battle to the ultimate championship. So Team India, once again, De Ghumaake!


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