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Hot summer  months ask for some cool solutions. Cool clothing, cool drinks, cool food and cool minds. Cool fashion this summer is all about going NUDE. Before you get any ideas, we mean the color nude.

Now what exactly is the color nude? In fashion, it’s a common description of the shade a little darker than champagne, lighter than sand and perhaps with a hint of blush or peach.

Dress to impress in this luxe shade that replaces white as the hot new summer favorite. The royal shade of Nude suits most complexions and is a huge it with royalty and celebs. Indians are as it obsessed with hues of gold for all their celebrations. This subtle and elegant shade has suddenly replaced glittery gold as the new favorite for formal occasions. And it seems to be replacing BLACK too with amazing effect!

The best part about NUDE color is that it looks good on accessories, footwear, home furnishings and almost everything. Prints on nude shades look as good as the solid shade. Just remember to choose not too fitted silhouette and also not exactly the same shade as your skin tone. Pick 3-4 shades lighter or darker than your original complexion.

Be it sarees, suits or Lehngas, the classic hues of nude will never let you down.

As compared to paler shades, this is one safe shade to play around with. Nude blends well with most other colors and a hint of color can be added by combining bright hues with it.

Red carpet appearances all over the globe have advocated the nude palette in a huge way. Desi divas as well as Hollywood damsels carry the NUDE look with aplomb. The best part about this shade is that on Indian skin and on Indian silhouettes it looks as impressive as the paler skin tones and western silhouettes.

The runways dazzled this year with most designers showcasing single or multiple outfits in nude shades. The various shades of this soft color make up for stunning pictures any season but summers will definitely be brighter with this color.

Celebs such as SONAKSHI, DIA MIRZA, SONAM KAPOOR, DEEPIKA etc all swear by nude make up and footwear too. Nude pumps are wardrobe must haves for any fashionista and so are NUDE hued bags. Team them up with white to make for a classic style statement. The shade looks good on every fabric. Velvet, Georgette, Chiffon, cotton, silk, lycra and even leather bring out the various shades of this color beautifully.

PEACHMODE has an extensive collection of clothing in hues of NUDE for all occasions and tastes.

This season bring out the best in you with some classic choices in this evergreen shade and be ready to be the envy of all eyes!


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