Fashion Tips for the Monsoon Bride

Fashion Tips for the Monsoon Bride

When you think of the perfect season for a wedding, the monsoon is not the first one that comes to mind. What most people don’t realize is that the season offers a host of benefits for planning a wedding. Caterers and decorators are sitting around twiddling their thumbs, ready to jump at a chance to provide their services. To top it all, the romance of a rainy backdrop is pretty hard to beat!

Since ages immemorial, this season has been considered the ideal time for love and romance – We’ve seen it in everything from ancient poetry to modern Bollywood blockbusters! Still, planning a monsoon wedding requires some special preparation, especially for the finery that you will be showing off on your big day.

Clothing and Makeup Tips for the Perfect Monsoon Wedding

If you’re planning the most special day of your life, your wedding outfit is certainly one of the biggest factors in your list. Indian weddings traditionally feature heavy bridal attire, jewelry and makeup, but you may want to tone it down a bit for a monsoon wedding.

Elegant lehengas with embellished cholis are beautiful and comfortable too!

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Here’s what we suggest for the bridal outfit and trousseau:

  • Fabric and Materials - Set aside the heavy brocade, velvet or heavy silks topped with kilos of embellishment. Instead, opt for lightweight materials like georgette, chiffon and lace, or pick light silks and brocade with minimal embroidery or adornment.

  • Color Palette - Pick colors that reflect the romance of the season - deep reds and maroons are great for other times of the year, but pastel shades and vibrant hues of purple pink, yellow and green make a lovely choice for the monsoon.

  • Pick colorful outfits like this beautiful lehenga saree by Kanak for your trousseau


    • Simple Drapes – If you have sarees in your wedding trousseau, avoid complicated drapes which will be difficult to manage in humid weather. Classic drapes, lehenga sarees, embellished blouses and light accessories make an amazing visual impact, combined with total comfort!

    • Unique Styles - Pair lightweight sarees, lehengas or ghagras with intricate cholis or blouses, drawing attention to beautiful cuts or embroidery on the smaller garment. Anarkalis are also an easy-to-manage choice for the bridal outfit and trousseau.

    • Our Amrapali collection has stunning and comfortable wedding attire for the monsoon bride

    • Footwear – Like the rest of your outfit, your footwear should be stylish, yet comfortable. Choose lightweight and low-height versions and save the super-high stilettos with skinny straps for indoor events where there is no danger of slipping on wet surfaces!

    • Light Jewelry - Opt for designer varieties with delicate and elegant designs, which will be easy on the eyes and less likely to make you feel muggy and weighed down.

    • Hair Care – Since the monsoon is the season of frizzy hair nightmares, give your tresses some extra TLC with deep conditioning treatments before the wedding. Keep anti-frizz products handy, and consider a stylish braid or updo instead of open tresses.

    • For makeup and jewelry, here’s an easy set of tips to follow:


      Treat your hair to some extra love and care before the wedding!

    • Light Foundation – Use a water-proof foundation for the base and set it with a mattifying powder. Oily or cream-based products are a recipe for disaster, since they can streak and melt, but lighter variants will stay in place and are easy to touch up!

    • Eye Makeup – You can go a bit more dramatic with the eyes, as long as you avoid gobs of shimmer or glitter (these will just make your skin look oily). Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara, topped with powder eye-shadow that won’t streak!

    • Dramatic makeup is great, but make sure you use waterproof products!

    • Lips and Cheeks - Powder blush and bronzer are perfect for adding a natural-looking glow, since cream-based variants can get smeared in the humidity. Stick to smudge-proof lip color, with lip stains or lipstick that won’t bleed. Don’t even touch the gloss!

    • Waterproof eyeliner

    • Waterproof mascara

    • Powder blush

    • Here’s a checklist of 10 beauty products you should keep handy for touch-ups:


       Stick to powder blushes, bronzers and mattifying products

    • Shimmer-free powder bronzer

    • Mattifying powder or compact

    • Moisturizing makeup sealing spray

    • Powder eye-shadow

    • Powder eye-shadows offer you a wide range of color choices for the monsoon

    • Light lipstick or lip stain

    • Anti-frizz hair spray

    • Before walking around the fire or down the aisle on your big day, make sure you pick trendy and easy-to-manage outfits. As the bride at a monsoon wedding, your wedding attire and trousseau should make an impact for all the right reasons!

    • Tissues for blotting


    Before walking around the fire or down the aisle on your big day, make sure you pick trendy and easy-to-manage outfits. As the bride at a monsoon wedding, your wedding attire and trousseau should make an impact for all the right reasons!




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