Diwali Room D̩cor: Bedsheets and Curtains

Diwali Room D̩cor: Bedsheets and Curtains

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We have entered the festive season- with Navratri and Dussehra just up and Diwali only a few days away.  And while Diwali is all about crackers, shopping and gorging on mithai and other mouth-watering delicacies, an essential part of Diwali is decorating our homes so as to make them reflective of sheer joy, happiness and enthusiasm.

Diwali is symbolic with victory of good, of good always coming out triumphant, and of good always sustaining through all sorts of hardships and hurdles. And when we imagine good in our life and in our homes more so, we always picture bright, vivid and bubbly colors. So when we speak of Diwali room décor, it is replete with bright, full of life and radiant surroundings.


Room Decoration Ideas


Fascinating Bedsheets


What instantly makes your room look like an energetic and a vivacious corner is your bedsheet spread across your king size or your queen size bed. The wonderfully intriguing thing about bedsheets is that by only investing a little in them, they can instantly revamp the way your room looks.


And when we speak of doing up our rooms for Diwali and the days ahead of it, we mean adornments which reflect festive fervour and invoke a joyous feeling in every corner of the room.

So while you happen to choose bedsheets for your room in line with Diwali décor, make sure the bedsheets are bright, with colors bursting with happy feelings and positive vibes. And when you think of purchasing new bedsheets for your room, you needn’t go any further- Peachmode has brought to you an amazing collection of bedsheets online- a collection of premium quality, innovatively beautiful prints and designs that are super comfortable and relaxing to sit and sleep in.





This wonderful double bed sheet is all things elegant and gorgeous. This super a stylish and festive bed sheet is an eclectic mix of vogue and grace. Crafted beautifully on silk, this bedsheet is the lone ruler of interior decorations!


Another winning color for instantly adding a dash of vibrance to your room is red. Be it in curtains or in bedsheets, as a mural or a DIY wall art, the color red exudes liveliness and peppiness to the surroundings.





This lovely pure cotton double bed sheet instantly invokes a spectrum of festive vibes in your room and even on regular days would always keep you high-spirited. Super comfortable and with a very rich feel to it, this bed sheet is a must needed home décor item in your room!







This super modish bedsheet with attractive and enchanting color patterns splayed across is just what your room needs to bring about a vibe of warmth and cosy atmosphere to your room. Made of pure cotton and with a hint of tradition fused in, this double bed sheet is what happy dreams are made of!






White is synonymous with elegance and sophistication and nothing defines grace and beauty the way a peacock print does! Just what you need for your room, this pure cotton bed sheet is super relaxing and extremely easy to maintain!



Enchanting Drapes


Another essential element of interior decoration is a set of crisp, classy and stylish curtains. They very graciously add a dash of glamour to the room and take its alluring factor up by a 

notch. And curtains can very swiftly and effortlessly refashion the vibe and feel of your sweet cosy room.

Peachmode has an all new and a very stylish assemblage of beautifully done and very enthralling curtain sets. They are pure grace and sophistication and the best part, well within your budget.






We can’t appreciate enough the warmth associated with the color red. This one simple aspect added to your room’s décor will effortlessly lit up your home’s style quotient. These red colored, wonderfully crafted drapes are just what you need in your room.






We totally recommend these curtains for your room. Ideal for door, these curtains at the entrance to your room will feel very welcoming and ooze creativity in every ounce!!




Another very royal set of door curtains, you absolutely need to have these in your room right now! Made of polyster fabric, they are quite easy on the maintenance and sufficiently aid in keeping the room temperature optimum through them.






Another curtain set that is absolute steal, these magnificent drapes have a supremely stylish feel to them and are purely enchanting! Apt for your windows, they will make your coffee cuppa sessions at your window sill all the more enjoyable! Must buy!



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