Yet another month begins and we are into the most festive season. October 2019 is the month of Diwali- which marks the new year in the Hindu Calendar. The festival of Diwali is all about new beginnings, of embarking upon new endeavours, of whole new possibilities of success and prosperity. Let’s read on what our horoscope has in store for us this month!




October Horoscope: This month has things looking up for you both personally and professionally. With Venus entering your sector, finances will be good. The initial few days of the month could be bumpy, hold the fort. You need to be cautious about your expenses. The influx of finances is good but if you don’t spend wisely, you’ll end up in a mess by the month end.





Zodiac Color: Hues of red and blue.

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October Horoscope: The horoscope reveals the entry of planet Mercury in your planet which means for you some mild altercations with your colleagues at the work front. Work too might seem challenging to you. So keep your cool and speak only through your work. The tarot reveals minor fights between you and your partner around October8-October 12. Act maturely and be a good listener.





Zodiac Color: Hues of green and beige.

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October Horoscope: It’s high time you streamlined your schedule around your work and health regime. The tarot reveals slight health hazards before you finally resume normalcy, but don’t worry, there isn’t much to worry about. Your love life is about to spice up. On the career front, be ready to face some challenges but they’ll all be worth it!





Zodiac Color: Hues of green and yellow

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October Horoscope: Mars moves into your sector in the first week of October. There is a possibility of a minor conflict with loved ones- be willing to apologize. Accepting and owning up to mistakes is the best thing. Your romance life will be on a roll. Those planning to expand their family, this month is likely to bring good news.





Zodiac Color: Hues of blue, grey and light purple.

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October Horoscope: starting October till November mid, you will feel a wave of enthusiasm to take up new assignments at work front. You will feel a new found courage and confidence to speak for yourself and let your presence be felt. Your life can have its share of problems, stay patient and things will surely come around.





Zodiac Color: Hues of purple, orange and gold

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October Horoscope: For those who have an outstanding debt or a repayment of loan to be made, there’s some good news- this month will see you repaying all the money and will finally have you heave a sigh of relief! Try and be more upfront when it comes to discussing things with your loved ones and your partner- they might be under the impression that you are hiding something from them.





Zodiac Color: Hues of white, grey and blue

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October Horoscope: This month is all about coming clean in relationships. Those having trouble at the romantic front will see things easing out and bouncing back to normalcy. With Venus moving into your sector, there will be an enhanced and steady flow of cash from the second week of October till the first week of November! Looks like a grand Diwali party!!





Zodiac Color: Hues of pink and pastels

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October Horoscope: the month of October will be very luck for single souls and those seeking prospective matches. People will take notice of you on the work front and even in your friend circle. Those who have been a toxic relationship will feel this month as their moment of realisation and call their shots.






Zodiac Color: Hues of black, wine red, burgundy

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October Horoscope: This month, you might really want to sit back and focus on your personal life, your love life per se. those involved in a long term relationship might face a fall out- just make sure that you make the right decision and the one in your and your partner’s interest. You should take a short break- you badly need one to destress!





Zodiac Color: Hues of orange and maroon

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October Horoscope: The month of October will see you indulge in an active social life. A new romantic encounter is on the cards. The period between October 4 and October 19 will be highly promising on the work front. Make the most of this time professionally.

Those thinking of launching their own business-this month seems good!






Zodiac Color: Hues of blue, grey and brown.

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October Horoscope: Starting October 8, the month is full of bright prospects for you. Those contemplating a job switch or taking up a new business, wait until October 27. Expect some family issues to take up most of your personal time this month, so much so that you will hardly be left with any time for your partner. Single souls can expect some romantic prospects this month.







Zodiac Color: Hues of blue, turquoise

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October Horoscope: This month might seem a bit stressful for you with a lot of chaos at the professional else well as personal front. Expect a huge expenditure in the second week of October. Those running their own business are likely to run into some losses around mid-October. Love life may turn patch towards the end of October.





Zodiac Color: Hues of green and blue

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