Dupattas You Must Stock In Your Wardrobe

Dupattas You Must Stock In Your Wardrobe

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Has it ever happened to you that you have grown bored of your wonderful ethnic collection? Those ethereal salwar suits and the wonderfully traced lehengas don’t seem exciting to you anymore? If that’s the case then you aren’t alone. Often while picking out a dress for an occasion, we suddenly feel like the dress doesn’t seem charming at all. Probably because we’ve worn it already a couple of times.

However, the next reflex idea which is to get ourselves a new set of ethnic dress doesn’t seem very feasible, given the exorbitant prices of the heavy traditional wear. So if its an occasion where you don’t have to necessarily buy a brand new outfit, why not give  a refreshing spin to the one you already own with one very simple trick- dupatta.

The dupatta is often the most undermined player of your closet. But trust it to spruce up your style game in a matter of seconds. So here are Peachmode’s style picks for you from the dupatta section that you must own right away!


Phulkari Dupatta





This traditional dupatta from Punjab is ruling the chic game for all the right reasons. Embroidered patterns in vivid colors, this dupatta adds the needed fun factor to your attire- be it your plain salwar suit or your light lehengas. Alternatively, you could also team up your phulkari dupatta with your jeans and tee as a stole or to give it a funky look.


Pom Pom Dupattas

These dupattas are quite the popular choice these days. Perfect for mehendi functions, they’ll instantly add a fun factor to your subtle dress. Best to pair these dupattas with single color salwar suits or lehenga kameez- the pom pom will add a burst of style to your dress!






Net dupattas

Just like in sarees, net looks ethereal as dupatta with your heavy work lehenga or salwar suit. They make your look an added resplendent!





Banarsi Dupatta

These culturally rich dupattas will instantly transport your look to a regal era. Best for wedding functions or ones with heavy traditional theme.








Bandhani Dupatta

This wonderful craft from the heritage state Rajasthan is a mesmerising piece that will make you look aristocratic without putting in a lot of efforts. Let the dupatta drape freely on side to have it throw its charm in an enchanting fashion!








Heavy Dupattas



Plain salwar suits with heavy dupattas look ravishing! You don’t even need to stock a new salwar suit for the occasion. Just fetch your best plain salwar suit from your wardrobe and pair it with a heavy dupatta- printed dupatta or embroidered dupatta and voila! You are all set!

You could also team a heavy dupatta with your light work lehenga to spruce up your look.















Red Dupattas

Red is a forever ruling color in the fashion world, more so when it comes to festivities. So if you want to further add a glint of celebration to your outfit, add a lovely heavy red dupatta to your outfit and you will look enamouring as ever!







Bridal Dupattas

Draping a red dupatta as your bridal veil over your trousseau is the absolutely in thing. Mostly a phera thing, these bridal dupattas add the much needed traditional factor to your attire.




So ladies, the next time you have a big festive occasion coming up or a wedding to go to, you don’t need to completely shuffle your wardrobe. just browse through our dupatta collection online and ace your style game! Stock these ravishing dupattas in your closet and instantly glam up your style quotient.


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