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Ethnic Fashion's Favorite Muse - SONAM KAPOOR

Ethnic Fashion's Favorite Muse - SONAM KAPOOR

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What is the first word that comes to your mind when I mention SonamKapoor? 
Let me guess- "fashion "of course!

This "DOLLY KI DOLI" kudi is definitely right up there when it comes to dressing up, and in the best of fashion. She is a walking -talking brand endorsement for all the top fashion houses from around the globe. The diva, blessed with a good height and lithe body surely knows how to keep it naturally stylish. I wouldn't be exaggerating when I say that fashion is Sonam Kapoor's other name..her twin within! Whether it is Indian ethnic attire or western garb, she has always managed to stand out in her choice of outfits. 

The girl has made more headlines for her sartorial style than her acting prowess. Let's see what sets this damsel apart and how she gets the best looks out of her Pandora box each time


Sonam picks and chooses from amongst a wide variety of styles and designers. Her love for fashion has made her a favorite with each designer and she makes extremely good use of this fash frat love by making each design her own.To each of the designs you will notice Sonam making her own innovations - be it in terms of draping or in terms of accessories.


Sonam Kapoor invests a lot of her energy and mind into styling or maybe she is blessed with an inherent sense of style. The right outfit will only look good when it is styled right. She makes sure to accessorize each outfit in the best way possible. From minimalistic to over the top, the lady carries off everything with panache. Perfect clutch, footwear, jewels and much more, she know the Fashion rulebook by heart and creates them even better.


Sonam oozes confidence and steps out with extreme pride in every outfit she dons.She has the most disarming smile that lights her up her persona even more. She has inherited her parents' good looks and is blessed with a beautifully structured face with well set features and striking complexion. Her height and figure are apt for any silhouette, right from the saree to the Anarkali & she knows how to breeze through in each of her looks like a whiff of fresh air.


According to Sonam Kapoor, its best to let your body decide what would look the best on you. Since she is a pear shaped, one can find her flaunting nipped waistlines and flared Anarkalis. She sticks to classic and gives them a fresh twist with her hairstyles or strong statement accessories. Hollywood classic glamour is her favorite when it comes to red carpet looks. She loves and tries a lot of colors. Color blocking, mix and match, gothic, neutrals or neons, it's all her forte.


Sonam keeps her day look neutral, dewy and fresh. Light eyeliners, a spritz of mist for that glowing complexion, a light lipper and she is done. For the crazy glamour nights ofcourse, it's about mascara, blush, smoky eyes and red lips!
This is the lowdown to the gorgeous diva's fashion secrets. You can get SONAM KAPOOR inspired styleright here on your favorite ethnic fashion destination- PEACHMODE.

Look out forthis stunning blue saree inspired by her look in the upcoming movie "DOLLY KI DOLI" and also this gorgeous Anarkali that resonates with her ethnic style. Grab a piece of the diva's look right here.Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect-


DOLLY KI DOLI Lehenga inspired SAREE




Sonam’s RANJHANA look inspired ANARKALI.

All this and much more is up on the site for you to relish now, check it out and get a style revamp with PEACHMODE today!


Mansi is the fashion blogger by profession and a writer by heart. She loves dressing up in latest fashion and hence reviewing different styles comes as a part of package. Fashion is her lifeline  and she wants to spend a lifetime serving fashion and creating some too.



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