The Rise And Rise Of The Ghagra

The Rise And Rise Of The Ghagra


Ghagras are an inherent part of our culture and continue to remain a very popular attire for every girl even now. Technically a GHAGRA is a long pleated skirt with a ghera that can be as voluminous as 20 mts! Wow! INDIAN shaadi ka joda is incomplete without the ghagra definitely. It's an integral part of the trousseau and long skirts are now the raging trend anyway.

This traditional clothing of Ghagra and Choli is worn by women in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Harayana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Traditionally, Silk and cotton are the favored materials but now khadi, georgette, crepe, net, satin, brocade and chiffon have become the more common fabrics used to make this garment.

Known and worn for its rich craftsmanship and exquisite embroidery the ghagra comes in many patterns and vibrant colours. Gota, Phulkari, Shisha (mirror work), Zari, Zardozi, Nakashi and kundan work are used in making this attire more vibrant and exquisite. Depending on the kind of occasion and ofcourse choice, Ghagras are available in different cuts. The circular Ghagra as the name suggests has a wide circumference and rich to look at. The A- line Ghagra is cut in an A- shaped flow and hugs the wearer, ideal for curvaceous women. The straight cut Ghagra is flows down in a parallel shape and is suitable for brides. Varieties like the Mermaid lehengas, Paneled lehengas, Kali Ghagras lehengas, Kalidar, A-line lehengas, Lehengas with full flair and many others have made this garb a very versatile and popular one for every woman.

They can wear the ghagra on festivals, wedding occasions and even casually now. Formally or informally, this clothing makes for a feminine and classy style statement.

Lets check out how one can wear the Ghagra and its various innovations on every occassion now a days.


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Girls in long skirts are no more the journos one would slot them as. Long skirts or ghargras are becoming the choice of youngsters who are teaming it up with anything from Long jackets to short crop tops.


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When you need an outfit for some elaborate party or wedding occasion, the KALIDAR ghagra or the GHAGRA ANARKALI is a stylish option to look stunning and opulent. It adds class and richness to the overall look and is a popular choice of designers such as MANISH MALHOTRA AND SABYASACHI who include the ghagras in every trousseau line every season.


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Technically they are not ghagras but a variation of this style. The A line is more subtle and less elaborate as the name suggests. It has a short ghera and has a visually slimming effect to the appearance. It can be worn on less formal occasions.


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As the name suggests, these are the ghagra style long anarkali suits where the lower is not visible. So whether you wear the churidar or the palazzo underneath, it wouldn't really show. It has become a very popular trend amongst women currently owning to its design and innovations.
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