Fashion is all about staying in vogue. And the interesting thing about fashion is that is forever changing. New trends are thrown in, sometimes old trends are given a rewind and oftentimes a dash of fresh, welcome fashion hues are brought about.

If you swear by vogue and love to stay in the game, you’d always want to stay abreast with what’s in and what’s out. And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with conjuring up some new styles to go with the season in your wardrobe. After all, we all are worthy of some peppy fun elements in our daily attires.

While there are a lot of styles infused every other day, some get picked and stay on the market because of their mass likeness. So here we are, with some latest fashion trends picked for you. They will up your style quotient like a magic wand, we promise!



Denim on Denim


Yes, you got that right. This is the latest trend that has got all fashionistas by storm. Not only is it simple to pull off, it is a style we all are absolutely acquainted with. Just throw in a denim top, jeans or hot pants. You can also go for denim overalls or a jumpsuit.


Oh and yes, denim kurtis are very much the rage too!







Thank God this trend is always up and about. Florals are a breeze of fresh air and trust them to brighten up your day just like that. Whether it is ethnic or your western casuals, florals are bequeathing!







Yes, this fashion trend is back on the block. And it is quite the popular choice these days. You can add variations to the style and ace it like a pro!



Maxi Dresses



We all have loved these long flowy dresses that feel like a breath of fresh air every time we adorn them. And the best part about them is there’s a maxi dress for every occasion. So ladies, bring on the Max-I factor!



Well, the trousers are one style that can never get out of fashion ever. And they always come around with some funky twist. Wide- legged striped trousers, plain beige trousers, checkered trousers, tapering trousers or the regular trousers, you can never go wrong with them.



You need to have quite the charisma to pull this one off! But neons are like a power pack that will make people take notice of you and if you do it right, notice they will! Try to keep this one as subtle as possible. Neon accessories with neon outfit are pure blasphemy! Either opt for basic, sombre color outfits and jazz them up with neon add-ons or just wear them down. You just need to know how to play it right!


Animal Prints


Well the craze for animal prints is there one season and is forgotten in the next. Incidentally, this season is back with its love for the wildlife! Not a mass choice, you can always give this a shot for a change. They are a mad craze on the fashion ramps and you can bring their oomph factor to your own closet!


Prime Colors



The prime colors are back and they are best suited as singular color outfit. Pick vivid, bright colors but keep them subtle. So pick a yellow, red, green, pink or any chirpy color and wear only that color.



This sublime fashion can never go out of style. This one suffuses vogue and sensuality as subtly as its inherent nature. And white aces every style and mode of outfit.



Just like white, black is the bold evergreen that is numero uno fashion icon of all the probable trends. It has this mysterious charm that will always add a glint of glamour to you. Like they say, when in doubt, wear black!



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