Monsoon is the best season of the year, hands down. It is romantic, optimistic and full of happy feelings. There is this hidden charm about the rains that magically transports us into this melancholic, breezy affair of events and just like that everything seems beautiful.

And getting married in monsoon? That’s an absolute dreamy affair!! We mean, how romantic could that be! While there could be some myriad problems during monsoon wedding due to heavy downpours, if planned well in advance and planned well, monsoon weddings can turn out to be the best ones.

Choosing your Outfit

Velvets, brocade and silk are an absolute faux pa in Monsoon weddings. Georgette would make an excellent choice. Bright, vivid colors sit really well in this season.

Again, avoid floor gowns and really lengthy lehengas and anarkalis unless you wish to sweep the rainy muck around the venue and have it clung to your outfit.

Again, light colors are a strict no. not only will they show water stains prominently, they aren’t monsoon colors.


Things to do

Whatever type of venue your budget permits, make sure that it accompanies a solid roof to accommodate the guests.




A monsoon wedding is a wonderful time to organise rain dance party. Trust us, it is way more fun than a pool side wedding party.

Prop shoots are the best part about Indian weddings these days and with monsoon wedding, the options are endless. Custom order some cute, peppy and fun umbrellas, raincoats, rain boots and you’d have the best wedding pics on the roll!


Monsoon weddings also give you a wide range of choices to pick your starters. Both hot and cold beverages, summer favouring and winter favouring delicacies work just fine for a monsoon wedding.


Things you shouldn’t do!

Ladies, ensure that your make-up is of good quality and a 100% waterproof one. A definite no to cream based and water based make-up. Otherwise your make up will smudge off and trickle down and make you look like you’re straight from some horror flick.

Also, avoid putting on high heels or typical stilettos during this season, especially if the venue is outdoor. Instead, opt for wedges or studded mojris. Not only will they look royal, they’d be quite comfortable too in the rains.

Leaving your hair open is a big NO. The hair tends to get very frizzy and unmanageable during the monsoons. Instead, go for buns or stylish hairdos which have your hair tucked up.




Takeaway Points

Monsoon has sales raining everywhere. So added advantage! Wedding shopping will be all the more fun. And not just stores, banquet halls, caterers, decorators- everyone offer good discounts. So it is a win win situation for you!

Happening wedding venues always have a waiting of more than a year. But the good thing about monsoon weddings is that the months July and August are relatively rush free and you need not book months in advance.

Your wedding will be a welcome change from the regular weddings, like a breath of fresh air. The guests will love it!

With all the peter-patter rain drops in the backdrop, your wedding photos will etch an out of the world memory. Make sure though that the roofs, all the false ceilings, tents are water proof with no leakages or faulty covers.




Arrange for plenty of umbrellas with the valet. In fact, you could have your wedding umbrellas customised for the venue for your guests. They’d make for a super quirky giveaway!  Also if floral decorations is not what you’re looking at because they might wilt, you could go for artificial flower décor or glasscandle decorations to further add that glint of fairy tale effect to your wedding. Do make sure to keep power backup aplenty- rains and power cuts go hand in hand.

Oh and the music, well you can churn up absolute fun with your playlist with all the peppy Bollywood songs around bearish! That will instantly set up the mood.


So folks, we have got you sorted. Go ahead and plan your incredible monsoon wedding. Begin by choosing from these mesmerising outfits to get the mood grooving.










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