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Handloom Sarees From India: Wonders Of Your Wardrobe

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Handloom sarees are the pride of the rich textile heritage of India. Mostly found in cotton and silk, a handloom saree is more than just a statement of chic, classic fashion. It is a matter of stature and status to own an authentic handloom & Hand woven saree. For the appreciative eye, there are a number of traditional as well as designer Online handloom sarees on our Online saree boutique Peachmode.


If you are an ardent lover of six yards, then you must be having almost all types of Online sarees in your wardrobe. Nevertheless, the aura and the comfort that the handloom sarees offer are incomparable.


“If You Just Take A Minute And Think Why You Should Buy Handloom Sarees on Peachmode Then, We Can Give You These 5 Reasons”:


  • Because it is eco-friendly and naturally made:


Handloom fabric are completely made from 100% natural fibres, and this can be counted as the prime reason for choosing handlooms instead of other materials. Starting from the manufacturing of the drapes to the production of it, everything involves natural fibres. So, the Jamdanis or the Chanderis that you see on display in the showrooms are actually @ our Online store PeachMode were you find pure Handcraft silk,cotton or Khadi. So, who would mind wearing eco-friendly clothing? Now you can shop these New ethnic Handloom wear at your doorstep with our brand PeachMode.com


  • Because it displays the vastness of Indian Culture:



The Indian handloom Sarees industry doesn’t fail to uplift the artistry of weavers, and also shows the rich and diverse Indian Culture. One of the most sought after types are Bengal handloom sarees.. The most popularly known Bengal saree is the Kantha, which is one of the most well-known embroidery stitches in the country, along with Jamdani, which is made of fine muslin.With unique painting, needlework and weaving design, every handloom sarees is different from the other, and it is worth having every single piece.Today’s it is marked as a world Classy Day For women Handloom ethnic wear  find your Brand at one Click.

  • Because it supports livelihood:

As already we are discussing in these. Handlooms Sarees & Handmade products are giving financial help to the poor. When you buy sarees online, a major share of financial help reaches them. More than 4 million workers have been working in this genre. So when you buy handcrafted Sarees, you are in a way boosting their livelihood. Doesn’t it give you a nice feeling, deep down?



  • Because every piece is unique:


Since the workers take the initiative of doing every saree in a unique way, therefore every six yard comes out to be something different from the rest. Starting from the fabric to the colour, it is unique, distinct and highly appreciable. And, this might instigate you to buy almost all of the varieties that you see on our online store of Peachmode.

  • Because it has no chemical induced dyes:


Using anything chemical on your body can be harmful; you might not have thought about it, but, the chemicals or the dyes induced in the sarees you wear might be damaging your skin. It can be a slow process, but who knows where it will end? Why take a risk? Rather choose from the these  handloom drapes option which will be vibrant and perfect for your skin.So Grab the Opportunity to Buy the Pure Handloom sarees @Online store Peachmode.com

Style tips by Peachmode Stylish:

The main thing to keep in mind when styling a saree is to pay attention to the style of the saree itself.  Traditional handcraft sarees need chunky jewelry to set them off while designer sarees can swing either ways i.e. be contrasted with traditional jewelry to retain the ethnic quality or paired with modish pieces to look chic. Although, a common piece of jewelry can  always paired with handcraft sarees with a pair of bangles.

  • Traditional handloom sarees – Most traditional sarees that are in cotton Sarees can be paired with a chunky beaded necklace with a statement piece at the center. On the other hand, silk sarees of the handloom Sarees variety should be accessorized with heavy pieces of metals & Jewellery ass with  silk fabric.
  • Designer handloom sarees – To complement designer sarees one can wear intricately designer modern accessories that add texture and patterns to the overall look. With the designer variety one can also choose to wear the jewelry pieces in contemporary form.

  • Although makeup depends largely on the occasion the Handmade saree is worn for, one can always put a bold bindi to complete the look.


Green is the new trend and handloom sarees fit the trend perfectly. So what makes you wait? Check out the options  on Peachmode online sites, and start adding them to your cart!




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