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Pre-Wedding Diet and Health Tips for The Bride-to-Be

Tips to Help You Look Your Best on Your Big Day

If you want to look gorgeous in your bridal lehenga and wedding trousseau sarees, maintain a balance between the right foods and regular exercise. Here are some tips to help you with the process

Work on a goal that is designed specifically for your body

  1. Set an Achievable Target – Rather than trying to look like a particular celebrity or fashion model, understand your body type and create a realistic target accordingly. Consult a nutritionist to assist you with your goal – he or she would be able to recommend the best dietary choices, taking into account various factors like age, height, genetic characteristics, medical conditions, etc.
  3. Follow a Balanced Diet – It can be difficult to focus on eating the right foods during the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations, but it’s essential that you do so. Try and eat home-cooked meals as often as you can (recruit friends and family members to help you with this if required). Make sure your diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein-rich foods like fish, poultry or meat for non-vegetarians and lentils (dal), chickpeas (channa) and soy.

     Snack on the right foods - low on calories and high on energy!

  1. Opt for Healthy Snacks – When you’re out of the house, organizing the details of the wedding, you might not be able to sit down for a full meal on time. So, keep nutritious tidbits at hand or pack a salad and carry it in your bag. Nuts are a great choice, fresh fruits, sugar-free juice and other healthy snacks can be carried in your handbag. The idea is to avoid turning to easily available junk food when you’re hungry.
  2. Enjoy Your Favorite ‘Junk’ Too!  – This may seem like a contradiction to the above points, but it’s important to occasionally indulge in foods you love. If you try and deny yourself of them completely, you’re more likely to binge on them when you are stressed out. This will then make you feel guilty, affecting your peace of mind and health alike. Rather, enjoy a sugary treat or calorie-loaded takeout meal once in a while, guilt-free!

  1.        Water, fruit juice and natural coconut water will make you glow!
  1. Ensure You Stay Hydrated – Water really is the magic elixir if you want to look fit. Carry a bottle with you (everywhere) and drink at least 8-10 glasses a day, which will help your body release toxins, improve digestion and give you higher energy levels too. Avoid fizzy, sugary drinks and pick plain water, fresh juice or coconut water when you’re out. Bonus? Keeping your body well-hydrated will also make your skin and hair glow naturally!
  2. Maintain an Exercise Routine – Even a few hours of exercise a week makes a huge difference, so find and set aside time for it. If you can’t go to the gym, include a regular morning or evening walk in your schedule, go jogging or swimming, or de-stress at the end of a long day by going dancing with your friends. See? Exercise doesn’t have to be boring to be effective. :)

The right foods and regular exercise make for a beautiful blushing bride!

When you’re trying to get into shape for your wedding, follow a fitness regime starting as early as you can. You want to look your best on the wedding day, glowing with health and happiness. After all, you will be the center of attention on the big day!


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