Learn the art of the ethnic - how to slay Indian Wear

Learn the art of the ethnic - how to slay Indian Wear

We’ll give you the tea - see, mastering Indian wear takes a little bit of effort and time. Indian wear is heavily laid with extensively fashionable pieces and style statements, so much versatility is concentrated in just one fashion statement in the name of Indian wear, where the options here are also unmatched, and each of the pieces exhibits the ultimate beauty, sophistication, comfort, and luxury of raw Indianness and glamour. Such is the uniqueness of a true Indian piece of clothing. 

Hence proved, Indian wear is the master of the masters and the way to slay Indian wear is not a cakewalk. But with Peachmode luckily, it is. 

Let’s learn all the ways on slaying Indian wear with grace every single day :


1. Strike a balance between everyday and occasional fashion

Listen up ladies, you have to make a clear difference between what you wear on an everyday basis and what you wear on particular occasions like birthdays, parties, and even puja vacations (of course, we’re Indian). Wearing the same thing that you wear every day on a shaadi or wearing everyday wear like your party outfit is a big no-no. 

We’re saying this because people who really get started with incorporating Indian wear into their daily lives, frequently get inspiration from Instagram and start doing it way too heavily than they should. Otherwise, people just really underdo Indian fashion and wear just anything they find at the last minute to a huge occasion. Strike a clear balance so that people around you understand that you do actually know a thing or two about Indian wear. And with Peachmode’s fashion, you have an Indian wear for every occasion. 


2. Learn and excavate knowledge about the usability of every Indian piece of clothing 

Like I said, Indian wear is versatile yet confusing for beginners because of the number of choices that they have and secondly, there are so many choices within the choice of one attire itself. A saree is itself very versatile and within a saree, you have multiple options like silk, cotton, rayon, and the prints whether digital or embroidered or hand-painted and hand-woven, etc. Then there are types of drapes in a saree and colours within colours or a mix of colours in one saree itself. 

So most definitely, here you have to know which saree is for which purpose and have a clear picture of what kind of look you are aiming for. You also need basic research to know the fact that we Indian women cannot pull off a heavy Indian silk saree in the


3. Know that accessories can be the ultimate game-changer 

If you’re into Indian wear, you cannot go without a single look without the right accessories. Accessories can help you make or break the deal when it comes to Indian fashion. In the markets of India, accessories are unlimited in options and you get to find some incredible deals out there. From heavy to minimal to gorgeous or aesthetic, Indian fashion incorporates it all within itself when it comes to accessories. Pick out the right pieces of jewellery for your heavy lehenga, the perfect hand-bag for your saree, the cute, minimal jhumka for your everyday kurti look and slay Indo-western looks with dainty pendants and ear studs. 

You also get extravagant to minimal, cute to hot options in Peachmode’s store of their extensive jewellery and handbag collection for women, luxuriously designed to bring out the best of the Indian woman in you. 


We at Peachmode believe that every woman in India has the right to affordable, sustainable, and quality Indian fashion and that they get access to a beautiful and exquisite collection of Indian wear exclusively provided by us. To make this possible, we have curated our form of India to the best version we could, through our commitment to fashion and Indian clothing, and the range of quality accessories that we provide to our customers. Also, shipping all over India remains free of cost. This was our mission to help you slay Indian wear on an everyday basis with Peachmode. We hope to serve you as passionately always. 




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