Indian fashion takes years to master, and why not, the kings and queens in India started wearing their statement sarees and pieces of jewellery and they have already raised the bar so high, isn’t it? It will definitely take you some time to hack the art of wearing Indian. But today’s Indian wear differs from medieval times and caters to comfort, and fashion, and yet establishes your identity as an Indian. This is the exact mantra that Peachmode as a leading house of Indian fashion holds for their Indian clothes and attires. Let’s discover in detail how Peachmode manages to do so with its exclusive collection of branded Indian wear. 

1. Trendsetting sarees for the win 

Allow us to adorn you with the best from our lavish collection of sarees. Allow us to confuse you with our unlimited options and leave you spoilt for choice! Yes, we do really dare to say so because you know what, our saree collection has absolutely won hearts for many years. So you want cotton sarees, silk sarees, chiffon sarees, and the royal Kanjivaram? Or do you want Paithani print, embroidered sarees, and desi bollywood drapes, for your upcoming shaadi season or daily office wear occasion? As we said, Peachmode will leave you awed by the options to choose from. And even better, when you see how affordable the sarees are, you can’t help but wonder that Peachmode is indeed the leading house for Indian fashion. 


2. Salwar suits for all occasions 

See, salwar suits are in vogue right now. With flared, breezy pants touched with hints of embroidery and the fitted salwar embroidered to its best, a salwar suit is suited for every occasion imaginable. And with Peachmode, you find the best of all salwar suits available on the Indian market. We offer you uncompromised quality, and a range of variety where you get to choose all you want, because we do have an immense spectrum of options, be it your favourite fabric, designs, or your suited occasion for wearing a salwar suit. This is what makes our salwar suits so special. 


3. Kurti to steal-the-dil 

We’re talking of Indian fashion here, and won’t we talk about Peachmode’s collection of kurtis? Impossible! Today, kurtis have become the statement style for everyday Indian wear and we’re totally here for it! Peachmode’s Kurtis are light, airy, and beautifully designed to cater to daily comfort and yet preserve your style. Looking for Kurtis for heavy occasions? Shuffle through Peachmode’s festive and party kurti options and find your fit. You can get exclusive quality kurtis here for prices as low as 999.


4. Head-turning Lehengas for the bid-day bash 

Let’s face it all - lehengas are the biggest hits when it comes to Indian fashion. Us women literally dream of lehengas, maybe even daydream about it, am I right? Peachmode has come to your rescue ladies, we are here to make all dreams come true. You name it, you’ll have it, for a starting price of 999 only. You have lavish options, unique designs, unquestionable quality, and everything else that you have been dreaming of on one website itself. So go ahead, turn heads, and slay with the best lehengas suited for your fashion statement with designer, digital, bridal, and everyday options. We alarm you, once you get hold of one, you’ll be addicted for life. But that’s a good addiction we guess! 


5. Indian gowns as the ultimate style statement 

Who said gowns can only be western? Who said? Sorry but Peachmode is here to prove you wrong you guys, with their range of absolutely stunning, luxurious Indian gowns that will thrill you with their never ending beauty. And we also have all the perfect Indian fabrics like Chanderi, Cotton, and Silk and are available in exquisite Indian designs like Chikankari, Georgette, embroidered, and many more to make the occasion unquestionably Indian. Pair these gowns with heavy earrings or go heavy with your classic Indian choker and see people’s faces go “hawww” when they look at you. Relax, with Peachmode, you deserve to look the best. 



Peachmode not only believes in the external but also the internal. We have the best designers across the country designing your outfits, but we are very observant of how our customers feel when they wear our pieces and how their faces light up when they have found the perfect fit with our range of Indian fashion attires and outfits. We, therefore, take focus on serving the best quality at the best price achievable by us and we will continue to do so till the end of time.  



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