Ways to embrace Indian fashion in everyday clothing

Ways to embrace Indian fashion in everyday clothing

Let me start by declaring this - Indian fashion is no joke! The amount of dimension, dynamism, and creativity it takes to make one piece of traditional Indian wear will surpass your imagination.  

And we need to do justice to such beautiful pieces of art, right? The thing about traditional Indian wear is that most people think wearing them properly on a daily basis is a hassle - just wearing the cloth is not enough, we do have to invest a considerable amount of time in the makeup or the jewelry. But with the right tactics, Indian wear should not be a big deal. 

So, here’s presenting to you the top 3 ways of embracing Indian fashion in everyday clothing: 

1. The Indo-western vogue 

Indo-western clothing is the queen of today’s traditional clothing situation in India. As the name suggests, we merge and compile various pieces derived from western and Indian style statements, to create something classy and fantastic!

Example: Take your regular kurti, top it off with jeans, and then finish off with minimal accessories. 

Tip: Focus on the kurti/the top being heavily embroidered or busting with colours, something that is contrasting with the basic jeans. If the jeans is showing some prints or colours, wear a basic top that matches the overall colour palette. For accessories, you can go all in, really, go and experiment. That’s what Indian fashion is all about. 

2. Be a smart fashionista 

Yes, of course, Tarun Tahiliani and Sabyasachi have mesmerizing pieces, but they won’t suit your everyday wear wardrobe very well. Plus, they are heavy on the pockets! Let’s be practical here, as smart people on a budget few trustworthy, affordable websites are your best friends! They provide you with dynamic fashion, comprising all that needs to complete your Indian wardrobe, from sarees to salwars to juttis to potli bags, they include western fashion as well. Only knowing about Indian fashion is not enough, you need to find the right place right? 

Example: Since we’re talking of websites, they are literally accessible worldwide, and therefore I suggest you definitely look at Peachmode as your handy Indian wear pal. Here, you get the luxury of affordable clothing, just a click away. Bonus points go to Peachmode for their diverse range of Indian clothing, and free shipping across India and all these benefits come along with the unquestionable quality of products that they offer. Well, I’m not saying so, their customers are. Visit Peachmode for their reviews; you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

Tip: For such trustworthy websites, gather more trust by reviewing their reviews and investigating before the investment. Remember, you do not need to sell a house to wear Indian on a daily basis to look bomb! 

3. The contrast between sober and drama in Indian Fashion 

This is a tricky part! Indian clothing can be taken to new heights every day with really less time only if you understand the contrast between soberness and classic drama associated with Indian wear.

If you consider our history, our maharanis wore absolutely gorgeous, embroidered sarees and topped them off with very heavy jewellery, mostly gold. In the recent Naxal period in Bengal, however, the intellectuals, revolutionaries, and youth resorted to shabby, pastel colours, minimal jewellery, nude lips, and bold, kohl eyes. These are two different aesthetics right, and this is the contrast between the sober and the dramatic! You can definitely find a commonplace in between and in this way find 100s of styles everyday, and for every different aesthetic. 

Check out the reference picture above on the two women wearing multi-colored sarees but how they are pulling off two completely different style quotients. 

Example: Take a chikankari kurti, considerably heavy and intricately worked with, but go for minimal jewellery and nude makeup if you want your focus to lay on the kurti, for a more graceful day-out look. With the same kurti however and pairing them with Afghani earrings and bold eyes and glossy lips, you are ready for a sangeet party. If you are heading for college, take the same kurti, throw on a basic denim jeans, wear a pair of studs, throw in a backpack, and voila, you are ready for college! 

See, that is the power of Indian clothing. Just maintain the contrast between sober and drama and you shall have it all. And for pulling off such a style, always start with the basic pieces, ones that you can always find in Peachmode like their Casual kurtis and regular sarees.   

Tip: Continue experimenting to get the most out of these two contrasts and watch yourself have an unending number of styles! 


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