Lingaa- Decoding Sonakshi's Ethnic Indian Look

Lingaa- Decoding Sonakshi's Ethnic Indian Look

The blockbuster movie has been declared a thorough entertainer by most movie reviewers. LINGAA by KS Ravikumar is a RAJNIKANTH movie after all! The superstar's name is enough to carry and entire movie on its shoulders. LINGAA is exactly just that- A Rajnikanth starrer in not just a double role, but a third role as his real life persona too, as it is reflected in more than one occasion in the movie.

Never the less, the movie is an entertainer full of computer generated graphics, beautiful locations and superhuman stunts by the ageless superstar. Its A simple story with stress on dialogues for RAJNI fans and some solid dhishum dhishum and Unbelievable Effects. He plays the Messiah King and the Robin Hood kind of thief with equal conviction. Catch him romancing the much younger SONAKSHI and ANUSHKA with much ease and vivacity. 
Watch the movie switching between two ERAs with the some interesting fashion reflected in the two different times. Although Rajni sir's costume's are understandably a bit ostentatious and over the top, the ladies mesmerize with their beautiful and lyrical dances as well as clothing. Anuskhka plays a modern day reporter and her wardrobe choices are essentially western.

However SONAKSHI who plays a village belle impresses in her ethnic avatar here. She plays the love interest of RAJNIKANTH in his Raja Lingeswaran role. Watch her dazzle the screen with her simple sarees in georgettes, poly crepes and cotton blends.

She chose light pastel shades as well as cool blues or greys to impersonate the role of the village girl. Except for the songs the make up was light and so was the choice of clothing. Check out these saree looks of the star that we have available for you at PEACHMODE.

You can pick from these simple yet pretty patterned sarees in their many colors and prints. From checks to borders to the smart patterns, there are a few really impressive options worth checking out here. This pretty pink and white patterned saree is breezy and ladylike. Wear it to a casual do and stand out in your "different " look.

Add some color with this stunning Red saree in chiffon and brasso with geometric prints and patchwork. This shade was also worn by the actress in the super hit movie.

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