Traditional Indian Comfort Food for the Winter Months

Traditional Indian Comfort Food for the Winter Months

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No matter where you go in the world, you will find yourself among the aromatic scents of the host country’s cultural dishes. India, a cultural hub known for its flavorful dishes and spices, has a diverse range of comfort foods that wake up frozen taste buds and sends a warm thrill down the gullet and spine!
If you happen to be in the country this winter, then you should not miss the chance to try out:

Makke Ki Roti and Sarson Ka Saag

Eat this delicious and hearty meal on the roadside or as you cuddle in front of the heater at home - it’s guaranteed to set the chills at bay. No one can even begin to decipher the journey this North Indian dish sets your taste buds on, right from the first bite!

Stuffed Parathas

These delicious breakfast foods can easily be considered the most popular winter-warmer in the country. Balanced with a dip in dahi, pickle or chutney, with a pat of butter swimming on top, this simple dish is what does the magic on a cold day!

Deep-Fried Snacks (and Chai!)

A plate of hot, steaming pakoras, bondas or wadas (with a cup of equally hot tea) is a great way to keep the chills and hunger at bay, the moment winter hits. These aromatic snacks are little pockets of warmth that provide instant comfort on even the coldest of days!

Rajma Chawal or Chhole Chawal

Either of these protein-packed dishes is the meal to return to after a long winter day. They feature the perfect combination of taste and nutrition, with a comfort and flavor that allows your body to relax and regain energy in no time at all.

Street-Style Snacks

When the temperature drops, there is no way you can simply pass by a street vendor selling steaming hot ‘bhutta’, roasted groundnuts or boiled peanut chaat, without stopping for a bite. These piping hot goodies offer the perfect boost of energy and comfort on a cold winter day when you’re braving the weather outdoors.

Don’t Forget the Desserts!

A bowl of steaming gajar ka halwa or matar ka halwa is the perfect thing to eat after a hearty winter meal, but you could also go for gulab jamuns fresh out of boiling oil and hot sugar syrup, just for that extra bit of stomach-warming goodness!

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