Sri Satyanarayan Pooja, also popularly known as Satyanarayan Vratam is perhaps the most common and popularly performed poojas in the Indian culture. India is a land of dense culture, tradition and varied rituals. The diversity in the religious practices and norms constitutes the cosmopolitan beauty that the country is.

The state of India has always seen an abundance of religious attributes and the sincere acts of faith performed by the devotees have been nothing short of heritage legacy.



Satyanarayan is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to our Vedic mythology, the first narrative of Satyanarayan was made by Lord Vishnu Himself when he explained the significance of performing the ritual to Maharshi Narad.

Since the Pooja is performed to please a form of Vishnu- Shri Narayan, the Pooja takes its name after- Shri Satyanarayan Pooja.




It is believed that more than a thousand years ago, there was an extremely poor boy who despite all the hardships did not lose his faith in God. So touched was the Lord by his devotion towards Him that he decided to appear before him in the form of Sri Satyanarayan.



The basic purpose of performing the Satynarayan Puja is to overcome difficulties or hardships which are cause due to deeds in the current birth of a being or from their previous birth. It also is a means to stay truthful to not only others around but also to one self.




The Satyanaryan Puja is performed all through India irrespective of the varied customs and traditions the people follow, irrespective of the regions and the many diversity. This Puja is followed religiously all across the country with staunch devotion and faith.

This Puja is celebrated and performed elaborately in Maharashtra especially during Ekadashi. Among Bengalis, this puja is a must before the beginning of anything important or before entering a new house. In Andhra Pradesh, this puja is celebrated with utmost devotion and dedication and is observed as a regular ritual. The entire families take part in the puja ceremonies and there is a temple at Annavaram in Andhra Pradesh that is dedicated exclusively to Sri Satyanarayan and every year thousands of devotees from across the country visit this temple to pray to the Lord, who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.


Benefits of Performing the Puja

Theer are numerous benefits attached to the performing of Satyanarayan Puja. And if it is performed with absolute devotion and dedication, one will be blessed by the divine cosmosis in abundance. Some of the strongly believed results are-

  • It gives you riddance from all your past sins, including those of previous birth.
  • It helps a great deal in strengthening your mind and is also instrumental in keeping your physical health in check
  • It brings prosperity to not just the one who performs but to their entire family as well!
  • It blesses the home of the devotee and wards of any evil
  • It ensures success in new endeavours and also a smooth and prosperous life ahead for those performing in participating in the ceremony





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