Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home: DIY

Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home: DIY

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Diwali is round the corner and like each year, every household has already begun with the ritualistic preparations that start days in advance of this festival. Diwali is a very vibrant, lively and spirited festival. The festival of lights is synonymous with lights, crackers, mithai, scrumptious home-made food, puja, card parties and family get togethers.

Another integral feature of Diwali is decoration- diyas, rangoli, toran, kandil and lights. Decorating houses for Diwali is something every member of the family looks forward to. Remember how during our childhood, being involved in Diwali decorations would make us beam with pride? Well, that feeling has surprisingly remained consistent even for our grown up selves.


The sweetest thing about Diwali is that it brings the family together with everyone contributing in their own right to making the house look Diwali ready! From cleaning the house spick and span to getting together to make rangoli, bursting crackers, lighting diyas and gorging on the Diwali specialities, this festival is full of grandiose.

And because the essence of Diwali is keeping its tradition intact, here are some lovely DIY ideas to deck up your house this Diwali. Involve your kids too, it’ll add to the zing of this festival!





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Rangoli is an integral part of Diwali. From drawing beautiful designs to filling in bright, vivid colors- rangoli beautifully encapsulates the spirit of Diwali. The best part about rangoli is that you can make them the way you want- traditional. Modern, contemporary, abstract. You get an extensive range of colors for rangoli, including glitter colors. Apart from rangoli design books, you can get amazing designs for rangoli on the internet as well.




Tip: Light diyas on your rangoli and not candles- diyas look more enchanting and in sync with the essence of Diwali. Besides, the wax dripping from the candles will only mar the beauty of your rangoli design.   



Floral Rangolis

This is another lovely idea to spruce up your Diwali décor. If you have a house party for your friends this Diwali, a flower rangoli in your living room is just what you need. Decorate it with fancy diyas and spray in some aromatic oil. Your guests will love it!






Diyas are the sacrosanct of Diwali. Lighting a diya is traditionally considered to elighten the soul within and get rid of any sin inside us. Diyas allow for a lot of creativity too. You could enrol in diya making classes- there are numerous held around the festival of Diwali, and make your own diya from scratch. Or you could get the regular diyas from market and paint them with acrylic colors in bright, vivid and happy hues!





Further, you could decorate your diyas using the traditional gota strip, cut mirrors and glitter tubes- perfect diya decoration!



Torans are a wonderful way to symbolise the festive season. Hang one at your main door and it will vibe up the festive fervor just like that and add to your Diwali home decoration beautifully. Torans make for the perfect wall hanging for Diwali.






Tip: this Diwali, instead of a flower toran, go for a paper flower toran. This will bring out the creative self in you. If you have kids at home, involve them too. Otherwise, you could get ready made paper flowers and make a toran of them. This toran will last longer and you can keep it as a regular home decoration item too!


Paper cup LED lights

This is a very fun decoration idea. All you need are some thermocol paper cups- thick ones. Bring colored papers and crepe papers and decorate these cups. Next in, your basic regular Diwali LED light. Make tiny holes at the bottom of each glass and pass the string through each glass with the led bulb stationed inside the hole. Make a garland like structure using these cups and voila- you have a fun and unique decorative element for your living room decoration for Diwali.






Paper Bag Luminaries

This is another fantastic DIY Diwali decoration idea! All you need are some bright colored paper bags- in thick paper and a decorative pinch-hole machine. You could also cut beautiful shapes on the bag, if you like. Now put inside a colored led bulb that is battery operated and voila, your Diwal paper bag light is ready! Isn’t it easy and enchanting!



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You can also use tealight candles, jar lanterns to further up your decoration!

Incorporate these lovely crafty and easy ideas for your home decoration this Diwali! Keep it creative and beautiful and celebrate Diwali the traditional, ethereal way!!




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Peachmode wishes you and your family a very Shubh Diwali! 


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