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The month of February means no dearth of love, passion, and romance, it's the VALENTINE MONTH after all. Time to push those happy feelings ahead on full throttle and make the most of this month of love! Here’s looking at what our respective zodiacs have in store for us this month.


February Horoscope: the love month has packed in attention and success dear Aries. You will be blessed with an Aura that will attract everyone and there is a possibility of finding THE ONE. Career-wise, the second half of the month will bring success and you may find yourself investing in new ventures as well. Tread smoothly but pay attention to your mental health.

Zodiac Color: Hues of Grey.



February Horoscope:  Friendship and career moves will be the highlight of this month. You will find yourself sorting through your friends to prioritize who to hold on to and who to drop out. There are chances of dramatic career moves for good. You will keep your romantic life private and may get a chance to fulfill some deep-rooted fantasy.

Zodiac Color: Hues of lemon and peach.



February Horoscope: This month will present a few challenges at work. You will consider making some changes that will benefit in the long run. The Mercury retrograde is likely to keep things volatile personally and professionally. Someone attracted to you will make it known without waiting. Travel for work will prove to be beneficial.

Zodiac Color: Hues of Blue and purple



February Horoscope: The month will be as good as it gets for you. Professionally you will get recognition from the higher-ups' and personally, VIP treatment may be on the cards too. Get set to feel pampered by your loved one!

Zodiac Color: Hues of Violet and dark pink



February Horoscope:  This would be a month of slight hiccups in legal and paperwork that will delay your plans. You may also find yourself bending towards a humanitarian cause. You will make some clear plans for fund reallocation. 16th February onwards you will find yourself shifting the focus of personal and family ties.


Zodiac Color: Hues of Green



February Horoscope: This month will either be very hot or maybe not. There may be some sizzling drama with your partner and you may need to crease out the differences tactfully. Professionally, expect windfall gains by benefitting someone else.

Zodiac Color: Hues of red, blue and maroon



February Horoscope: You will be blessed with warmth and compassion in your love life. It is the time to enjoy synced harmony with your partner that will make you feel extremely blissful. The same cannot be said about health or work. Be careful of an old health issue resurfacing and communicate at work wisely.

Zodiac Color: Hues of brown and pastels



February Horoscope: You hold the baton to set things right for those around you this month. Extend your knowledge and power to friends who may behave strangely- they are lost and need a little direction. You will find deeper bonds and uncover hidden truths.

Zodiac Color: Hues of black, violet and burgundy



February Horoscope: This month will see you flourishing on the love front with aplomb. Finances will remain comfortable although your expenses will rise. Work through any differences that may arise on the domestic end, your partner will understand.

Zodiac Color: Hues of bottle green and wine red



February Horoscope: Strength, perseverance, and ambition are the keywords in your life currently, and you have them in abundance this month! Love life will formalize as families may be introduced. Married people may think of redecorating their abode together.

Zodiac Color: Hues of mustard and yellow.



February Horoscope: Relationships illuminate this month as you remain adored by your partner. For those still seeking a partner, you will be able to eliminate the extras and focus on selecting THE RIGHT ONE. Financial planning will see you through this time to high expenses.

Zodiac Color: Hues of white and peach



February Horoscope: Travel, surprise getaway, even professional trips are on the cards. Happy family time is foreseen and setting up a new house is also on the cards for some. You will have great foresight that will spare you from burning your pocket. Health will remain excellent.

Zodiac Color: Hues of brown and grey



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