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The Indian Princess Stories - Party Gowns

The Indian Princess Stories - Party Gowns

Don't we all love those happy fairytales with princesses dancing away with their price charming at the royal ball? The thought conjures up some really beautiful images of those elaborate gowns that twirl and swirl as the pretty lady dances away to glory.

Gowns have always been a fascinating dreamy attire that actually give a royal and elegant look. With every outfit undergoing a fusion of cultures and styles, gowns are no different. They have always been subject to lots of changes and experiments. Straight fitted, flared, frilly or layered, there are many variations and cuts that can be given in them. And one of the most popular trend in fusion wear has been the INDIAN GOWNS. Young women today are experimenting not just with their wedding trousseau but also with their party wear garb. Indian weddings being such an elaborate affair, one needs to match up to the grandness with some modifications to this otherwise western silhouette. Check out the various Gowns here by PEACHMODE


The concept of INDIAN GOWNS is so beautiful that right from the bride's friends to the kids to the would be bride herself, everyone includes these stunners as an option for any one of the wedding occasions- Be it the cocktail, sangeet or the engagement.

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One can opt for heavy works on the yoke or intricate embroideries on the belt and gheras that enhance the beautiful drape even more. The more traditional ones work better for the wedding functions while the more stylish versions such as the SAREE GOWN or the Dhoti style gown look great on the lighter functions or occasions too.

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 Owing to their ethnic touch, they can be worn by everyone and anyone. Even the slightly conservative Indian families will be happy to doll up their girls in this super sophisticated outfit.


Peachmode brings you the perfect collection of INDIAN GOWNS that are sure to make you look like a princess. The most happening summer shades for the season- Blue, red, khaki, sea green and many more such beautiful hues are available here for you to shop from and look absolutely gorgeous.

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The delicate work, the voluminous flares and the color combinations are unique and droolworthy. Pick the shade that suits your complexion and flatters your body type.


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Gowns are meant to flow. So free flowing fabrics such as georgettes, chiffons, nets and lycra are best suited for them . Make sure to wear well structured pieces to avoid looking bulky and clumsy.


These Gowns are in themselves a very glorious options that don't need too much ornamentation but since the trends are moving towards bling and accessories, you can add stylish BRACELETS, TRINKLETS, RINGS OR NECKPICES too. EARRINGS AND EARCUFFS are also a good addition when the gown is already looking too busy and filled up with heavy work.

For more experimental looks, floral tiaras or head chains are also a good option to pick and choose from.

Add a stylish clutch and some delicate heels and you are good to go! The gowning glory is sure to win hearts and applause.



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