Silk sarees have a very special place in every woman’s heart. The sheer royalty that this exquisite fabric exudes makes it one of the most popular wardrobe choices since the beginning of history. Mysore silk sarees are among the topmost varieties of silk in our country. Native to Mysore area of Karnataka, it is crafted out of a single cocoon of Mulberry, each saree is an artwork with its rich zari border and lustrous single tone fabric. The sarees have a smooth texture, rich finish and minimalist design that make them ideal for festive and wedding occasions.

Let's take a better look into this traditional handloom silk's history and making-



Legend has it that the Mysore silk saree flourished greatly under Tipu Sultan in 1785 first, and was further advocated on an industrial scale by Maharaja Krishna Raj Wadiyar IV. The Maharaja was smitten by the silks worn by British royalty and decided to import 32 power looms all the way from Switzerland to create this fabric on machine indigenously. In 1912, the first silk factory was established in India.



Fibre from a single cocoon is obtained and sent to the factory to be measured and prepared. It is then soaked, twisted, and wound up. The fibre is then sent to the loom, and after 4 hours, a raw saree is produced. The saree then goes through Degumming (the process of smoothening it), washed, and dyed.




Mysore silk sarees get their sheen and elegance due to the rich colours and pure gold zari work. A good quality saree will last you long enough to become an heirloom. Your favourite Mysore silk saree comes in a variety of attractive shades like red, yellow, green, orange, blue, grey, brown and purple. The sarees may be plain or embellished to further enhance their beauty. They come with mango buutis ,or floral designs and nowadays, Kasuti embroidery and Bandhani designs have also started gaining popularity.




The traditional silk saree has and will always have a very special place in our hearts. With the wedding season right around the corner, even the non saree brigade takes to donning this 6 yards of wonder with aplomb. Celebrities have always been a big fan and style ambassadors for these not conventionally fancy silk sarees and their influence on common man's palettes has always been significant. Deepika Padukone, the superstar who is also from Karnataka has often been stopped wearing amazing silk sarees. In fact, for her wedding too, she chose to wear a popular designer's silk saree.


The saree looks best with traditional gold or kundan jewellery that will bring out it's royalty even more.




Dry cleaning is the ideal way of keeping your saree safe for long. Store it in a saree bag so that the next time you pull it out, it looks as good as new.

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