A Day out with the Newly Bride

A Day out with the Newly Bride

Our story is like a romantic movie - two best friends turning into soul mates. Nishit and I were in the same college and had known each for seven years, and became thick friends over the past couple of years.  We use to hang out together, party together and share everything with one another the way best friends do. Nishit was in London for his further studies and as time passed and the distance grew between us, he realized he had feelings for me. Without wasting a moment, he immediately popped the question, out came the ring and here we are today – Husband, wife and best friends too!


What kind of wedding was it?     

The happy couple in traditional wedding outfits for their big day

Our wedding was somewhere between a Big Fat Indian Wedding and a small intimate one. It was large in terms of the functions, setting, food and celebrations, but small in terms of the people invited - only close family, friends and business associates. It was organized by a team of wedding planners in sync with the inputs given by our family members. It was also a culturally-influenced wedding, since a Gujarati girl got married to Marwadi boy!

What is your personal style and inspiration for your wedding trousseau?

I am the kind of shopper who is not really designer-centric, and my personal style covers both classic and trendy attire. I would rather go with something I like instead of looking at the brand name or price tag. Whether they are classy or comfortable, I like my outfits to solve the requirements of each occasion.

How did you hear about/pick Peachmode for your trousseau and wedding attire?

I was looking for a something that could help me with my trousseau shopping and a friend suggested PeachMode. I checked out the website and liked what I saw - it not only has a good designer collection, but also fashionable and ethnic clothes at an affordable price.

Tell us about the outfits you picked for each event/function.

Bhakti in her wedding lehenga – beautiful bride indeed!

I basically focused on a selection of lehengas for most events, with some of my favorite colors for each function. For my engagement, I wore an orange lehenga and picked a multi-colored orange, pink and white one for my sangeet. I selected a vibrant red full-length suit for the mehendi ceremony, and a gorgeous red-and-gold lehenga for the wedding itself. At the reception, I wore a lehenga in red and sea-green, and then switched to dresses and gowns - an orange and tomato-hued gown for the cocktail party, a sea-green one for the post-wedding brunch and various knee-length dresses for the pre-wedding shoot.

What did your husband, friends and family think of the outfits you picked?


Bhakti and Nishit making waves in their reception finery

They loved all my outfits, especially my wedding and sangeet lehengas. My party gowns also drew a lot of attention, and the compliments kept flowing in!

How about your post-wedding wardrobe?

My post-wedding wardrobe choices included a lot of ethnic and ethnic-inspired clothing. I picked out a variety of tunics, salwar kameez suits, kaftans and light suits for special occasions and parties, in all my favorite hues. 

Would you recommend PeachMode to other brides?

Bhakti picked colorful dresses for the pre-wedding shoot

Yes, definitely! As I said earlier, I like the fact that this site not only concentrates on designer clothes, but also fashionable attire (especially ethnic wear) at easy-on-the-pocket prices which I couldn’t find anywhere else. It was a very good experience and made my trousseau shopping a lot easier. Here’s what I have to say - PeachMode is a unique site with a unique name!

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