Griha Pravesh

Griha Pravesh

Griha Pravesh is a very auspicious ceremony which is performed when someone enters their new home for the first time. It is believed that performing this ceremony on a new property will bring the residents good fortune.


Significance of Griha Pravesh




Performing Griha Pravesh

The Griha Pravesh ceremony is performed by Hindu customs and rituals. Just as Vaastu, Griha Pravesh ceremony is equally essential to consecrate the new house.

One important aspect to remember before performing Griha Pravesh is that the house should be completely ready. The paint work, fittings- everything should be completely ready.


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Before the Griha Pravesh puja, the main door which leads entry into the house should be decorated with flowers (toran preferably). It is also considered auspicious to draw Laxmi’s feet at the entrance of the house.

Performing a havan for Griha Pravesh is a paramount step. This ensures that the house is cleansed of any negative energy and any possible evil has been warded off.


A Griha Pravesh puja basically is of three kinds-

Apoorva- This Griha Pravesh is done by the family entering a newly constructed house as its first occupants. The ceremony is performed as per a shubh mahurat- an auspicious time, which is usually when the Sun is in the Uttaranayan position.

Sapoorva- This ceremony is performed either after entering the house after a long duration or after entering a house as rentees in an already owned house.


Dwandwah- this ceremony is performed when a house is rebuilt, renovated or restored after a mishap. This ceremony basically means ensuring a fresh and positive beginning in a tragedy struck house. This is more of a shuddhi puja.


It is believed that for a brand new house, the puja ceremony ceremony should be strictly in adherence with the mahurat. For the other two Griha Pravesh ceremonies, any auspicious day from the Hindu calendar or Panchang can be a good date and time.


General auspicious months for Griha Pravesh

The ceremony can be performed on any convenient day as suggested by the priest during these months as they are considered to bear good results.

Magh- this brings wealth and prosperity to the residents of the house

Falgun- this brings about a happy family life to the couple. Newly weds should enter theire new home around this period.

Baisakh- brings good health, wealth and prosperity to the residents.

While the above months are considered auspicious for entering or investing in new property, months like Shraavan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin and Paush are believed to create troubles, bring losses and hassles in the lives of the occupants.

Many believe that as per the Hindu calendar, certain dates like the 4th, 9th and 30th should be avoided for performing Griha Pravesh puja.


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